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Posted by gfriberg on 08-Sep-2006 08:53

Would it be possible to run a progress database (version 10.0b) on Windows server 2003 x64 edition despite it is not certified and to take benefit that Progress could address more RAM then if it was a 32bits OS

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Posted by gus on 15-Sep-2006 09:51

No, it isn't. The 32-bit Windows version of Progress will run on 64-bit Windows but cnnot take advantage of the larger address space since it was built with 32-bit pointers.

To get what you want, Progress will have to do a port specifically for 64-bit Windoze.


Posted by DimitriG4 on 11-Dec-2008 15:08

Do we know if there is a performance penalty/advantage running progress on the same hardware with the x86 versus the x64 version of server 2003 ?


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