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Posted by tfburns on 16-Dec-2008 15:40

All the dot net docs check if an entry has been checked using the

CheckState:Checked value. For the life of me I get syntax eorrors using it.

IF e:newValue = checkstate:checked THEN.

    • Unknown Field or Variable name - checkstate. (201)

am i missing something or is this a constant?

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Posted by Admin on 16-Dec-2008 15:47

Are you using

USING System.Windows.Forms.* .

as the first line of your code (only the ROUTINE-LEVEL ON ERROR ...) can be before that.

.NET class names are case sensitive. Try


Posted by tfburns on 16-Dec-2008 16:14


Forgot to include USING.

Posted by Håvard Danielsen on 17-Dec-2008 09:04

I suspect your check might not work the way you expect even if it compiles.

The CheckedState:Checked is an enumerated value, which the ABL does not map to a similar primitive value. ABL only references and manages .NET enumeration types and their values as objects.

We provide an EnumHelper class with static methods to support operations on enumeration members. Example:


This is better explained in the GUI for .NET Programming documentation


See the Accessing and using .NET enumeration types section on page 2-54

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Havard Danielsen

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