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Posted by Admin on 18-Dec-2008 09:58

I currently have my data, AI & BI files on the same RAID-10 logical drive. I bought two more drives and set them up as a RAID-1, separate logical drive. How do I change the location of the AI and BI files from their current drive (E:) to the new one (F:)?

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Posted by Admin on 18-Dec-2008 10:02

Do a backup first!

Then move the files manually to the new location and modify the .st file. You might want to do a "prostrct list

Posted by Admin on 18-Dec-2008 14:40


Thank you for your reply. Should I do a Progress backup or will a file system backup (Backup Exec) do? Can I move the file manually with Progress running?

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 18-Dec-2008 15:12

I always recommend the Progress backup over filesystem. If the DB is running, it is the only possibility, but even if it isn't, it is a better exercise of the database.

Can I move the file manually with Progress running?

Do you like snapping tablecloths out from under dishes too?

You can move inactive AI extents, but that's it.

Posted by Admin on 19-Dec-2008 02:20

Thomas already mentioned one advantage of the probackup: It "CAN" run online.

The other advantage is, that it is aware of the physical DB structure. When extents and areas are distributed all over your servers file systems, it can be a big advantage over the OS backup tools that probackup knows where to read from.

Posted by jtownsen on 19-Dec-2008 02:59

Just as a point of interest, it's a good practice to have your AI files on a physical device that has no other part of the database on it. That way, if the drive with the AI files dies, you still have the complete database and if a drive with other DB files on it dies, you still have the AI files.

With mirrored drives, the exposure is indeed smaller, but that if errors creep in from the controller or the O/S or there's some User Error, the problems will be mirrored on both sides of the mirror and you may still end up with an unusable DB.

Posted by Admin on 19-Dec-2008 07:57

Please forgive my "newbieness". I have worked with Access, FoxPro, DBase, and SQL Server, but I have very little hands-on with Progress. I once had two Progress developers working for me but that was in another life. Now I have to roll up my sleeves :-(.

What are the file names or extensions of the AI, BI, and Transaction Log(s)?

Thanks for the help!

Posted by on 19-Dec-2008 08:10

the name of the files would include the physical databse name.

Extenstions are (n is a number):

- .bn before image

- .tn transaction log

- .an after image

Others are (n is a number):

- .db

- .dn data area

- .lk lock file

- .lg log file

- .lic license file

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but these should be the ones, also note that not every DB has all these files and there are some other DB related files wich I didn't include in the list (I'm not a specialist either)

Posted by Admin on 19-Dec-2008 08:42

For a better understanding take a look at the OpenEdge Dokumentation. There is a book called "OpenEdge DataMagament: Database Administration". (If you are still on progress9, it is just "Database Administration"). You will find it on the documentation cd or on the web (sorry don't know where).

- Chapter 1 describes the ST-file-structure and the naming of the extents.

- there is a description of the prostrct command (as you need prostrct list and prostrct repair for your plan).

- and you will find a chapter about Backup and Restore

Posted by Admin on 20-Dec-2008 10:41

Sorry, one more question. I cannot figure out how to enter the new location of my BI file in the .st file. The .st file is seems to be blank, if I read it with notepad. Should I be using another utility? What is the syntax or firmat for entering a new location of an AI or BI file?

I have to move the AI and BI files for 9 databases. They are in different directories and they all have the same name. I created a new directory on the new drive for the AI and BI files of each database.

I just want to see where the current path to the AI and BI files are written, and how to change that path to my new F: drive.


Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 20-Dec-2008 11:12

Did you do the prostrct list to make sure the .st matches the DB?

It is just a text file.

Posted by Admin on 20-Dec-2008 11:46

You are right. I firgot in Windows, there is a difference between "Edit" and "Open". I clicked "Open" and got a mostly blank display, with some unprintable characters to boot. Maybe it was all on one line and I didn't notice. I clicked "Edit", and everything was there.


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