KB Entry ID: P134596: Will it work?

Posted by Ham on 22-Sep-2008 02:02

Hello all,

I just got the latest PSDN KB entries including this one:


I haven't run the program, but something's telling me that the program won't work correctly. Can anyone confirm this?

Best regards,


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Posted by Simon de Kraa on 16-Oct-2008 12:16

Haven't run it either but it looks okay to me? The program scans de triggers dirs for assign triggers with the new (value) option...

Posted by cverbiest on 23-Dec-2008 10:42


It might work if the trigger procedure for statement is on one line.

It will fail for

trigger procedure

for assign

of table.field:

Unless you are sure all code is uniform with the statement on one line I would use other techniques to detect issues.

If you have to check a lot of code it might be worth writing a prolint rule.

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