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Posted by Admin on 26-Dec-2008 14:49


I'm new to Progress Dynamics. For my job I'm learning Progress Dynamics because we must start a project with progress in march. I received some manuals (who are also available here). But in those manuals they speak of DynSports database.

My problem is that I can not find those database.

I'm using OpenEdge 10.1B SP2

Thank you for helping me,


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Posted by Admin on 26-Dec-2008 15:12

Hi Kurt,

I have downloaded the full doc ("Product Documentation", "Documentation and Samples CD image- Progress OpenEdge 10.2A and Progress OpenEdge Replication 10.2A ") set from the ESD web site. That installation contains a folder tutorial\dynsports. There you'll find the dynsportsdbfull.df in the db\dfd folder.



Posted by Admin on 26-Dec-2008 15:13

By the way: Any reason not to upgrade to 10.2A?

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Thank you for helping me. Now i can start studying Progress Dynamics.

I was using OpenEdge 10.1B because that was the version I received on DVD but yesterday I also downloaded OpenEdge 10.2A.

Thank you


Posted by Admin on 27-Dec-2008 04:20

Perfect. By the way, there is a specialized forum: Progress Dynamics & ADM2 at this link:


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