what are the progress versions and their release dates?

Posted by Admin on 23-Dec-2008 23:10

i'm not able to find release dates progress versions below 8.3,

i found this information on product availability guide.

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Posted by ChUIMonster on 24-Dec-2008 06:54

Just curious but, aside from historical curiosity, why would you want to know?

Personally I've got lots of historical curiosity about the matter myself And it is always handy to be able to tell people just how old those ancient and unsupported releases that they are running really are

Posted by Admin on 29-Dec-2008 00:14

i am doing some documentation on the OpenEdge, some of these details will speak, how experienced and capable Progress software is.

Posted by Phillip Molly Malone on 29-Dec-2008 01:30

Not sure if this helps but check out this solutions:




Posted by Admin on 29-Dec-2008 02:00

Interesting article

For some reasons the direct link to that page does not work for me (tested IE7, IE8 and Chrome). Searching the KBase for solution P25408 does work.

On a side note: My former colleagues at Progress in Cologne always said, that the Cologne office was opened in 1985 - the article states 1987 for the first international subsidiaries. I need to ask them again.

Posted by Admin on 29-Dec-2008 02:08

Will you share this documentation or is it a private document?

Posted by Admin on 30-Dec-2008 00:13

It will take some time to finish this doc.

When i'm finished with it , i'll post it.

Thank you for sharing this peace of information.

It was really helpful.

If ur links are not workin try replacing http by https

like this


Posted by Admin on 30-Dec-2008 00:14

thank yo'll

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