ProxyGen help generation?

Posted by ericg on 05-Jan-2009 11:02

Greetings. The .NET developers would like some "Intellisense" help, within Visual Studio, on the Progress procedures included in the DLL. Can ProxyGen generate this type of help?

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Posted by Admin on 05-Jan-2009 11:07

You should receive the syntax assist - so the procedure specified in the proxy should be "offered" as methods on the proxy class in .NET

Other than that ProxyGen does not add any meta information, like method description or similar to the ProxyGen. I'd log enhancement request if that's really relevant.

I usually don't give the "average" developer direct access to the Proxy. I usually encapsulate it inside a custom class that I provide. Here I can offer that documentation if desired. But that might not be an option, if you prefer to give every developer directy access to the proxy methods...

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