Printing Chinese from GB2312-encoded Linux server

Posted by Admin on 06-Jan-2009 14:45

I am running OpenEdge 10.0b on a GB2312 encoding with a database that has both English and Chinese.

In printing to the network printer, the English documents print OK. However, I cannot print Chinese documents, they are always corrupted.

I can print Chinese text from PROGRESS to Linux without corruption. It also appears OK on my terminal emulator and in my application browser. But from PROGRESS or from Linux to a network HP printer, the Chinese does not print, the docuemnt is blank where the Chinese should appear.

Linux environment variables are set to:

LC_ALL=en_US.GB2312; LANG=en_US.GB2312

I have these Simplified Chinese fonts loaded:



Can anyone advise me on what else needs to be done to print Chinese from Linux to an HP printer with a GB2312 encoding

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Posted by Simon de Kraa on 06-Jan-2009 14:59

We had a similar problem printing Cyrillic text on a HP printer. In our case it was a printer problem not OpenEdge or Linux. We never managed to get it working on that particular model so we switched to a different model... What printer model and printer driver are you using?

Posted by Admin on 06-Jan-2009 15:21

We're using HP LaserJet 4200 printers.

How did you determine which printer would work? I presume you didn't just buy a dozen or so brands and try them out, did you?


Posted by Admin on 06-Jan-2009 15:26

Oh, the printer driver is hp_LaserJet_4200_Series.ppd, running under CUPS.

Posted by Simon de Kraa on 07-Jan-2009 00:50

A 3rd party figured it out. It was a while ago but I think the printer that we used (HP P2015) had limited font support. I also noticed that the model that you are using (HP 4200) has an optional chinese font dimm available. Look here.

Posted by Simon de Kraa on 07-Jan-2009 07:30

It turns out that we didn't buy a new printer but purchased the appropriate font dimm module. I think you should verify this with HP. Good luck.

Posted by Admin on 08-Jan-2009 16:55


Was there an encoding issue to be considered with your printer, or was the DIMM enough to get you there? I'm not entirely clear how the encoding from the server interacts with the font set on the printer, how the printer knows to interpret the encoding. The HP pages mention nothing about working with encodings, but I would think that the printer would need to know whether it's receiving UTF-8 or GB2312 data streams?

Posted by Simon de Kraa on 08-Jan-2009 23:50

Unfortunately I didn't handle this myself so I cannot give you specific details. I know the guys struggled for a couple of days to get this working and after installing the dimm module the problem went away. Sorry I cannot be more specific.

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