How to connect to Progress Database via ADO.Net?

Posted by Admin on 19-Mar-2008 10:04

I'm trying to connect to a Progress database via the ADO.NET OleDB driver. The connection string I'm using is

"Provider=SQLOLEDB;Connect Timeout=3000;DRIVER=DataDirect 4.20 32-BIT OpenEdge SQL v10.0B;HOST=;PORT=7150;DB=nxt;UID=XXX;PWD=XXX"

But when I attempt to read from the database, I receive the error message "DBNETLIB ....... Invalid Connection String Attribute".

What is a valid ADO.Net Connection string?

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Posted by Admin on 19-Mar-2008 19:37

You will need to use an ODBC connection (System.Data.ODBC* class). The progress drivers are not ported to ADO.Net, nor will the OleDB ODBC type bridge work as the level of support is not there.

Ironic that DataDirect (a 'Progress Company') supports other vendors but not its Parent DB ( This has been 'under review' for a long time now

A word of advice - within .Net use the generic interfaces so that your app can support both OleDB, ODBC and Sql access formats. Although you will have to build the support for differences - for example named v's indexed parameters (Sql has "@CustNum" v's ODBC '@1' - a pain if CustNum is used more than once in any query/update). You may also come unstuck down the path with tuning queries, for example PSC 'NO-REORDER' override on the query engine.

Posted by Admin on 22-Jan-2009 12:51

Is there a connection string that works with DAO? Like the one you printed for ADO...(Provider=SQLOLEDB;Connect Timeout=3000;DRIVER=DataDirect 4.20 32-BIT OpenEdge SQL v10.0B;HOST=;PORT=7150;DB=nxt;UID=XXX;PWD=XXX)

Posted by Admin on 24-Jan-2009 07:02

What is the answer from PSC regarding this lack of features ?

Posted by Admin on 11-Feb-2009 14:49

According to this link, DataDirect Sequilink USE TO support progress

Now it says to use DataConnect 4.2 or later.

Has anybody been able to connect to progress from .Net Via DataConnect?

What's the deal here? How can you be a modern database and not have any native .Net support? (and NO, the proxy gen doesn't count)

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