Help.... Default db password changed.

Posted by Admin on 21-Feb-2009 16:44

Hello All, Please direct me to the right forum if Im in the wrong one.

Alright, here is my situation. My company recently started supporting a company who runs their ERP software on a progress db. The old support company changed the default sysprogress username and PW for the db. We are needing to establish an ODBC accessing the progress tables using the Merant driver, and the connection string keeps failing. How can we get past this or reset the default settings?

Please any information would be a huge help!



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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 21-Feb-2009 18:53

Assuming that someone there has access to the data administration utilities and assuming that they are using the _User table to validate user logins (I don't know how to have a non-default password otherwise), then the thing to do is to delete the sysprogress user and recreate it ... need to do that to change the password.

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