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Posted by Admin on 24-Feb-2009 13:54

Hello everyone,

I have noticed that Progress has support for localized messages in .NET applications. There are a separate .NET Assembly and very short information how exactly you should be using it. I doubt that just coping .NET Assembly and adding reference would work. Could someone explain me how exactly to use the localized messages?


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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 24-Feb-2009 13:55

If you are talking about 10.2A style .NET, you should probably move this question to the ABL GUI for .NET forum.

Posted by Admin on 24-Feb-2009 14:06

I think not. I am talking about writing applications using .NET and Progress is only in back-end and connection is done via generated Proxy. There is a section in PDF: "Supporting localized messages for .NET client interfaces", but it talks only about coping specific .NET Assemblies to ProxyGen output directory.

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