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Posted by Admin on 26-Feb-2009 00:12

Hi..Im using Progress 9.1. I have got a validation procedure which reads DB as this:

if not can-find(cp-owner WHERE cpo-num = tt-rec.tr-own)

then do:

put stream error-s unformatted

"*** No matching Tenant No. exists for " + STRING(tt-rec.tr-own) + " ***"


export stream error-s tt-rec.


what I would like is to exclude any values containing '0' in this validation check. i.e. I do not want the query to count '0' in 'tt-rec.tr-own' DB field. Excluding '0' in the 'tt-rec.tr-own' DB field, it should proceed with any other values in it to check with the cpo-num field.

How can this be achieved?

any help would be much appreciated..thanks..

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Posted by deb2001 on 26-Feb-2009 00:50

assuming you are having a for each / data iteration block on tt-rec table - you need to put the condition in the WHERE clause of that blokc as ..

WHERE tt-rec.tr-own <> 0 .....

so that those records with ZERO value doesn't get considered in this validation.

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