coming out of a for each loop if a condition is met....

Posted by Admin on 16-Mar-2009 23:28

Hi..I am quite new to Progress development. I am trying to find a match to a condition within a for loop, and if that condition is met, then I don't want the for-each loop to go to the next iteration/to continue, but end there completely. What I have got is below:

any help would be really great.....thanks....

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Posted by Admin on 17-Mar-2009 00:13

if api-idate

then leave.

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what about if i want to come out of 2 loops...1 main loop and 1 nested this as below:

for each wo-order where woo-project = tt-screen.joq-project no-lock:

for each ap-item where api-voucher = woo-order no-lock:

if api-idate

then do:

/* show error msg */





Posted by Admin on 17-Mar-2009 00:29

You use block-labels fcor that purpose:

Posted by Admin on 18-Mar-2009 00:18

You might also want to check the NEXT statement. That does not leave the whole loop. It just leaves the current iteration and starts with the next one.

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