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Posted by ojfoggin on 18-Mar-2009 08:26

Hi Guys,

Just wondered if there was a certain best practice when dealing with version control.

At the moment we use VSS and have a shadow copy ofall the files on the server. When we check the files out of VSS it copies it into our writable folder. In effect we have an empty directory structure each that we use for editing in and then moving stuff back to a single read only folder structure. (If that makes sense).

Our propath goes to the project folders first and then to the central shadow folders so if we check something out we use our local copy while everyone else uses the shadow copy. (I hope this is making sense).

Anyway, I have been looking at migrating to OEA and was also thinking about integrating version control with something like Subversion. I have been trying to get the OEA debugging working and it seems to work ok until it calls a procedure that isn't in the project folders. To get round this we would ideally have an entire copy of all the program files on our editable directory as well as the shadow copy on the server.

Can anyone shed any light on best practices with version control and whether something like subversion can deal with the potential act of more than one person editing the same file at the same time.

Thanks for any help


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Posted by jankeir on 18-Mar-2009 08:42


we are using CVS over here and it works very well.

Just like with Subversion we have all files local in every sandbox. By default there's no locking mechanism but at least in CVS you can enable exclusive or concurrent editing where you need to indicate you want to change a file before you can change it. If you want you can configure the files so that only one person can edit a file at a time, but we just warn the developer that someone else is also changing the file.

In CVS this is called Watch/CVS, a quick google search shows this is called Locking in Subversion: .

If I would have to choose again I would probably choose subversion, but now that we have chosen CVSNT there really isn't a reason to move to SubVersion for us.



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