Create objects based on input parms

Posted by Admin on 08-Apr-2009 10:59

Morning all,

I'm developing a window application that is given an input variable and based on this, create new objects in the screen.

The contents of the variable may look something like this: "model,cost,height,width,color,description"

I need to create toggle boxes for each of these so what I'm think is in the Control Definitions section have a loop that creates a new

toggle boxes. Any ideas on how to achieve this?


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Posted by Admin on 08-Apr-2009 12:13

ABL GUI or GUI for .NET?

If ABL GUI, check the "CREATE widget statement" in the online hlep.

If GUI or .NET things get a little bit more complicated, when using true .NET objects because you need to use the reflection API and invoke the constructor of the type. Hybrid ABL/.NET classes can be DYNAMIC-NEWed.

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