Dataset & XML-schema/webservice (proxygen)

Posted by Admin on 12-Apr-2009 13:14


I'm busy with developing progress webservices. Everything is going well, but I have some questions:

-          How can you set the MinOccurs and maxOccurs, so I can generate a well-formed WSDL/Schema definition? For temp-table fields you have the ability to use EXTENT, but how can you set it on the temp-table or dataset level? Temp-table and dataset always have the values minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded".

-          Why all temp-table fields have the attribuut nillable = true, when you generate WSDL (proxygen) or schema defintion? How can I set it to false?

These are important settings to make a customized wsdl/Schema definition . I have read several online books, but I haven’t read that there is an option to do this. Can somebody help me?

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