OpenEdge explorer, hide OpenEdge management options

Posted by Admin on 08-Apr-2009 00:33

I've tested the OpenEdge Explorer for a couple of days now and must say, that I like it. A fresh new UI and the ability to remote monitor log files. Not too bad.

A little bit anoying is the fact, that the options (like taking DB metric) that are just availalbe in OpenEdge management are visible all over the UI - but disabled (probably to make us buying OE Manage licences)... Is there a way to turn that off?

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Posted by David Lund on 16-Apr-2009 15:57

Hi Mike,

There is no way to not display the OpenEdge Management features when only OpenEdge Explorer is installed.  However, you can determine if the disabled feature is disabled since OpenEdge Management is not installed.  This is useful since the link may be disabled for some reason other than this.  Hover on the disabled icon.  If it is disabled for this reason then the text will show ‘Requires an OpenEdge Management license’.



Posted by Admin on 16-Apr-2009 22:17

Hi David,

thanks for your response. I still consider it valueable if the options would not show up at all!

Many people will just be using OEE as a replacement for Progress Explorer - and will never upgrade to OEM (I guess). And nothing is more anoying than seeing features disabled day by day that you'll never have a chance to use at all.


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