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Posted by Admin on 24-Apr-2009 07:59

Hi All,

     I am using prodataset in my project using By-referto share same copy of prodataset.

   But I stuck one place, I lost rerefence of datast in called program.

   I found these line in prodataset pdf

    " You can only specify BY-REFERENCE on an internal procedure or user-defined function call, not on a RUN of an external procedure. When you pass a

     ProDataSet parameter by reference, the called routine’s ProDataSet definition is bound to the calling routine’s ProDataSet only for the duration of the call. "

   " Any reference to the ProDataSet, except where it is passed in from another routine BY-REFERENCE, results in a runtime error."

  Please suggest me any way to persist, the reference of  dataset in called program.



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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 24-Apr-2009 10:57

My personal recommendation is not to pass it because then you are failing to encapsulate the functionality of the PDS.  Put it in one class or persistent procedure and access it via methods or IP references.

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