XtremeSuite CommandBars Execute trigger not firing

Posted by Admin on 01-May-2009 08:26

I have a strange problem with the XtremeSuite ActiveX CommandBarsFrame control.

I have a simple text-based menu, which works OK until an additional temp-table is added into the program.  This seems to cause a handful of menu items not to call the Execute trigger when clicked.

The temp-table is unrelated to the menu OCX, though removing it is the only way I can get all the menu items to trigger the execute event.

There are quite a few TT's in the program (probably > 30), I wondered if this might cause any issues?  Otherwise I'm stumped and am resorting to a workaround without the TT.

Any help appreciated.


OpenEdge 10.1B

XtremeSuite 13.0.0 (Latest Version)

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