Locking with Chain type "TAB" instead of "REC

Posted by robj on 06-May-2009 02:18

Openedge 10.1C SP3


Using promon to view the record locking table, several lines appear with chain type "TAB". No rec-id is mentioned, locking is IX (Intent eXclusive lock).


Record Locking Table:
  Usr Name     Chain #                  Rec-id Table Lock Flags   Tran State   
      Tran ID
   39 hbe4     TAB  13211                     0   148 IX    L      Active      
  184 tdb      TAB  13211                     0   148 IX    L      Active      

The manual only says chain type should always be "REC".

Does anyone have an idea what this means? The table in question IS causing us some locking problems, so I'm worried about these lines...

Thanks for your reply,

Rob Jaeken

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Posted by kevin_saunders on 06-May-2009 02:29

This happens is 2 possible places: When a DELETE statement is in the middle of a large transaction block or during a SQL92 transaction.. For more information have a read of KB article P37194 or if you search for 'IX in promon locks' you will find a range of articles about it.

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