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Posted by kwatson on 11-May-2009 11:51


I would like to know how my database is performing across time, with the ability to chart 'hotspots' of activity. The overall goal is to tune the database to provide the best performance for the users, so I want to know when I'm waiting on BI or AI or buffers don't get hit, etc.

I know I can sit and watch promon all day, but that's lame. I know I can look at the first page of data on option 5 of promon to see all stats since the broker started, but that averages all performance together.

I can have promon run with continuous updates in a batch job and collect it's output in a log file, but the log file is not well organized. I just have to scroll up and down with my eye to find things.

I would prefer the log file be formatted with one row per timeslice, like a database of information. Then I could import it into some kind of database or spreadsheet and do some sorting, graphing, statistical analysis, etc.

I tried searching on the forum for this sort of thing, but I couldn't come up with anything.

I apologize if this question has been beaten to death and I just missed the answer. A quick pointer to the proper thread would be much appreciated.



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Posted by ChUIMonster on 11-May-2009 13:29

You haven't found it because it isn't there

Your options:

1) Roll your own.  Using either PROMON screen scraping (your batch job) or VSTs (the 4GL API to the PROMON stats.  Not a lot of fun.  Takes time, it is hard to get everything right and you probably end up with a lot more than you really need.

2) Buy a product.  OE Management is the official Progress solution.  Bravepoint has "ProMonitor" a monitoring tool that might be a good solution for you.  They also have a subscription monitoring service.  DBAppraise (that's me, http://dbappraise.com) also has a subscription service and a monitoring tool.  The monitoring tool, ProTop, is free but it doesn't log to a file.  But if you're going to roll your own you might want to take a look anyway because it contains all the VST code that you will need.

Posted by kwatson on 11-May-2009 23:26

Thanks very much for the answer. Not quite what I had hoped for, but at least I'll stop looking for something that doesn't exist!

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