Help - Uninstall not so easy.

Posted by Admin on 21-Apr-2009 14:03

My Trial Has ended for the Architect, and now I am trying to continue using v 9.1.

My issue is that I cannot uninstall, I tried Safe Mode already, same results.It looks like it is uninstalling, but it never finishes.

This is a real "Bear" for me because When I click on any progress associated file, It begins to run my V 10.1C, which ends in a window saying "The license for the client executable has expired".

Next, I try "Open With " (im in Windows XP) and navigate to the v9.1 folder \bin\ and choose the prowin32.exe to launch the file. And I try to set the default to "Always" use this when handling this type of file. Does not work, somehow the v10 has taken priority!

FYI:: I did the add/remove programs approach, and I also went and found the uninstaller file, both have the same results.

So any Ideas?

Thank you for taking the time to hear about my experiances,

~Joshua Moore

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Posted by kevin_saunders on 22-Apr-2009 02:39

Make sure all Progress processes and the AdminServer (via the Services applet) are stopped. If this is the case, I suspect you will need to do a manual uninstall.. KB entry P3030 has the information you need about cleaning out the registry..

Posted by Admin on 22-Apr-2009 15:15

Thank you very much, I will give that a go in the morning.

Posted by Admin on 06-May-2009 15:31

UPDATE, I never had to uninstall, we purchased a bunch of licenses.

Posted by Admin on 18-May-2009 13:39

OK forget about v10 for a minute, I am working on an older project with 9.1E and I get to the office today and try to load up Progress but it gives me a small window with this message:

_prostar.p was compiled under another incompatible display environment. Cannot run without re-compile.

(and it fails to load the Desktop.. I also tried Appbuilder but no luck there either.)

So we try a few things, with no success.

Then I uninstall. Same issues I mentioned before. (will not allow me to uninstall)

So I then go to the registry, remove ALL v9.1E entries from both HKEY LOCAL MACHINE and HKEY ..... USER.

Next I put in the 9.1E Disk and re-install the entire thing (wasn't to bad).

However, after install and reboot, I get the same error about _prostar.p.

So I am here seeking advice, If I really have to I will do this whole process again.

Please tell me some good news, perhaps I overlooked something.

Posted by davidkerkhofs3 on 19-May-2009 00:59

Are you using an .ini file to start up the session? Check Propath settings in .ini file and remove tty paths.

If not with .ini, check your propath settings in the registry (HKLM and HKCU/Software/PSC/9.1E/Startup).

Same rule there, Desktop should first find gui folders before tty, or only specify and /bin.

Posted by Admin on 19-May-2009 12:50

Long story short, I removed the registry entries for PSC. Had to remove (manually) 9.1E and 10.1, Re-installed 9.1E twice. The second time was a charm.It works. I don't know how or why this happens, but I never want to go through that again.

Thank you for you input, I will keep in mind to check the ini and/or the registry >startup if I ever run into similar issues.

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