help with Linux installation of OpenEdge 10.2...please!

Posted by Admin on 01-Jun-2009 07:08

Hi all,

  I am currently trying to install OpenEdge 10.2 on a server running Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES Release 4. On this particular server, there are 4 databases that usually are only brought up a couple of times a week for testing purposes, but are then shut down after use, so at the time I am working on it, none of them are in use. Oh, those databases run off of the version 9.1d Progress currently on the same server.

  Now for the problem...I am able to install OpenEdge 10 on the server with no problem. I am also able to build the new db from copying one of the version 9 dbs and convert it to the new OpenEdge version. Our start-up script runs a program that is basically the user interface. That also comes up fine. However, we have a second script mainly for in-house or support use that allows us to by-pass the user-interface, but go straight to the procedure editor with the database connected. This allows us to trouble-shoot issues and check data, etc. That is where the problem comes in. Everytime I run the script, I get the following error message:

  adecomm/_toollic.p Conflict in extent, datatype, or undo status for global ade_licensed.  (390)

I cannot find anything useful to help me fix this on the Progress knowledgebase, nor anywhere else. ANY suggestions on how I can fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 01-Jun-2009 11:06

My first guess would be a propath problem and that you are running the wrong code.

Posted by ChUIMonster on 01-Jun-2009 11:55

When running multiple versions of Progress on UNIX PATH, PROPATH and DLC problems are very common.  Sometimes it comes down to scripts that do things like PATH=$PATH:$DLC/bin  that work fine when there is just a single Progress version but get confused when there is more than one (because there has already been an entry made using the other DLC).

Posted by Admin on 01-Jun-2009 11:58

I wrote a script that will do nothing but assign a propath to a single directory, then start the database with the $DLC/bin/_progress command. This gives the same error. If I run the same script without assigning a propath at all, I am taken into the database as I should be - but without my propath, not doing me much good.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 01-Jun-2009 12:01

So, try going in without the PROPATH and assign the PROPATH from the editior and do a SEARCH to find out which files it is actually picking up ... as well as displaying the actual PROPATH before and after your assignment.

Posted by Admin on 01-Jun-2009 13:10

When I did this, here is the result:

Before the assignment I made to the propath from within the editor, it was the following: (/usr/rt10/dlc is my $DLC)









After I made the assignment, the result was the above plus the program directories that I added to the propath.

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