Posted by Admin on 17-Jun-2009 23:31 a newbie there anybody can tell me about autoedge?im a little bit confuse right that autoedge is an application like appbuilder or openedge architect?? then where can i learn about this autoedge? where can i get the installer?? for your information, i already have autoedge application example?? where should i start to learn this auoedge?? thanks for your help..

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Posted by Admin on 18-Jun-2009 11:05

Hi Ismail,

Autoedge is a sample application. It was created to demonstrate the OERA (OpenEdge Reference Architecture) concepts among other things.

You should be able to find more about it on this link:

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 18-Jun-2009 11:09

AutoEdge is what PSC calls a Reference Implementation of the OpenEdge Reference Architecture.  This should not be mistaken for it pretending to be a model of how OERA should be used in a production environment, but it does provide a manageable piece of sample code with some interesting ideas to start getting you thinking about OERA.  In fact, some of the best parts of it are the discussions in the accompanying documentation.  There are some threads you could search for here that discuss some of the pros and cons of the various choices that were made in the design.

One of its biggest shortcomings is that they started work on it before 10.1A, so it is not OO code as it certainly would be if done today.  There are whitepapers on PSDN that talk about interpreting some of the concepts in an OO structure, but not everyone thinks they lay out the right model.  In particular, both AutoEdge and the later whitepapers pass around ProDataSets which some of us believe is not the right approach.  See for a discussion.

Dive in, let us know if you have any problems getting it set up, and come back to discuss what you find.  The installation instructions are quite detailed and explicit.  The biggest categorical problem some people have is that you need to have more products installed on your system than most people have in order to use all of the pieces, e.g., Sonic, but it is perfectly possible to install with only the ABL development environment like OEA and run much of the code and read the rest.

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