10.2A01 WebClient on Windows 7, 64 bit

Posted by Admin on 20-Jun-2009 06:18

I know it's probably not yet a supported platform, but nice to work with and OpenEdge behaves pretty well...

Except ... I tried to install a Progress WebClient application (10.2A01) on a Windows 7 RC machine. The installation of the WebClient (from DLC\webinstall) was no problem. But when I pointed the browser to the .prowcapp file, I got prompted if I want to install the WebClient application. After choosing yes, I got the less or everything saying message:

Unable to launch WebClient.

Part of the registry keys have been created, but the App did not install (did not even try to download something).

I uninstalled the WebClient and installed it again (all using the default paths) and all did not help.

I suspect that the issue is due to the fact, that 32bit applications by default will install to  "C:\Program Files (x86)", so the WebClient went to C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress Software\WebClient and the WebClientApps folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\WebClientApps.

I changed the installation folders (during the next reinstallation) to

C:\Progress\WebClient102A and


and everything went well. Looks like some part of the application bootstrap has an issue with the 32bit default path names on a 64bit Windows.

The application runs fine now - will report the issue to tech support, but I thought I'd let you know of the workaround first.

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