OpenEdgeTutorial2009.pdf and the autoedge-version that shoul

Posted by agent_008_nl on 26-Jun-2009 09:36


OpenEdgeTutorial2009.pdf is avaiable for downloasd with the eval of 10.2. But where to get the autoedge-version that should be with it? in any case seems another.

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Posted by jwillis on 26-Jun-2009 22:35

Hi Stefan,

When you registered for the Eval and Tutorial you should have been sent a link to the Tutorial Download Page.  On that page you will find three downloads.

1.  OpenEdge Architect Tutorial 2009 Installation Guide - A Getting Started Guide in how to set up the environment to take the Tutorial

2.  OpenEdge Architect Tutorial 2009 - The .pdf file that contains the tutorial instructions

3.  OpenEdge Architect Tutorial 2009 AutoEdge Application - The application that supports the tutorial

The last download mentioned above contains the AutoEdge application you need for the Architect Tutorial.

James Willis

Progress Software

Principal Course Developer

Posted by agent_008_nl on 27-Jun-2009 05:41

Thanks James,

I are right, I just downloaded it.

Kind regards,


Posted by jwillis on 01-Jul-2009 18:00

No Problem.


James Willis

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