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Posted by johnallengreen on 21-Jul-2009 12:51

We're using proxygen for .Net connection to an AppServer (10.2) which means we're using Progress.Open4GL.Proxy.Connection for the connection. Is there a way to set the timeout for requests made (from .Net to the AppServer) after the Connection is already in place? I can't find one.

If we open a Connection and then do something like restart the AppServer and then try to fetch new datasets, it seems to take over 5 minutes before the application responds with an error 7175. I would have thought there would be an easy way to configure a timeout and then be able to catch a thrown exception from the timeout. That would allow us to gracefully deal with network hiccups. I must be doing something wrong. 

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Posted by Admin on 21-Jul-2009 13:00

5 minutes seems pretty long, but you may want to try the following static properties:




I just grabbed them from a Visual Studio solution I created in the past without trying it out recently. I also don't remember if the values are in msec or sec... But that should give you a starting point.

Posted by johnallengreen on 21-Jul-2009 13:48

Thanks Mike! Looking at RunTimeProperties I found RequestWaitTimeout, which seems to do the trick. I'm using:

  Progress.Open4GL.RunTimeProperties.RequestWaitTimeout = 10;

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