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Posted by Admin on 27-Jul-2009 07:24

Dear all,

this is the first time that I shall work with a Progress Database. I need to import some data into an MS SQL Database 08 (on a weekly base). I want to use SSIS for it. My (first) questions are:

- is it posible or is any special licence needed

- is there any odbc driver for free

Did anyone had the same "problem" and can help me?

Thank you, Lennard

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 27-Jul-2009 12:06

Yes, there is a driver.  For Progress versions

Posted by EdoBar on 27-Jul-2009 17:17

I'm using Progress OpenEdge 10.1C Driver. Is an ODBC default for Progress 10.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 27-Jul-2009 17:24

When the copy of Progress was installed, there was an option for both ABL and SQL access or just one.  I think the default is both.  You can check the startup messages in the log file for the database to see whether it is enabled.  If it is not enabled, you need a re-install, I believe, but if it is you are probably good to go for casual use.  There are some situations where you want to worry about creating separate brokers for SQL.  As for making the connection, look at the last two child pages here for some indication of what to do.

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