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Posted by Admin on 29-Jul-2009 10:29

In order to facilitate the exchange to this topic, I sugest to the maintainer of this forum to

put some mandatory "Combo-Boxes" (whatever) with:

1) Progress(OpenEdge) version used

2) Operating System

3) Architecture (GUI/CHUI,WEB, etc.)

*** Also I'm sugesting to buy some RAM, is very slow the new PSDN site.

The first page ( becomes visible in 10 seconds.

... any "java" application needs RAM, now the RAM is cheep 1 Go / 1 Euro

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 29-Jul-2009 11:46

This topic might fit better on the PSDN Feedback forum ... but don't expect anyone to pay attention to it there either ...

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