Merging to PDF or .doc documents contents into one PDF

Posted by dhullp on 17-Jun-2009 12:36

Is anyone aware of anyway for copying all the contents of either 2 word docuements or 2 PDF document in to a newly created PDF document?

I tried using PDFinclude from but looks 4GL is not allowing me to import a .doc file. Import statement returns blank line.

I would appreciated any suggestion/comment.


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Posted by Bzdega on 22-Jul-2009 16:40

what about ?

this is for sure no 4gl-solution but maybe this fits your needs.

Posted by dhullp on 19-Aug-2009 06:29

Thanks Michael,

But I can;t open that link, can you?

Posted by Bzdega on 19-Aug-2009 07:23

The URL had a double http:// at the beginning, i fixed it.

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