Open Edge V10.1C and AS400

Posted by grunwald on 09-Sep-2009 04:04

Good day all,

I am trying to set up an ODBC link between Progress Open Edge 10.1C and an AS400 V5.3, V5.4 or V6.1 with the "Open Edge 10.1C ODBC Wire Protocol Driver for DB2" driver (V5.30). The link works fine with an AS400 V5.3 and V5.4. However I have some problem connecting an AS400 V6.1: The connection is well established with ODBC (The job is running on the AS400 server) but when I try to run the Data Administration program to create a schema holder and the data server schema with the "Dataserver/ODBC utilities" option, the files are not pulled out. The same test works fine with an AS400 V5.4.

I checked the AS400 joblog and I was able to see that the connection was reset by the socket after retrieving the information from the AS400. But i don't know why (the user profile that I used was a profile with all the requested authorisation, so I don't think it is a security problem).

I know that the AS400 V6.1 is not certified by Progress, but neither the AS400  V5.4. And I can't imagine that nobody is using Progress and the AS400 anymore. So, if anybody has an idea, I would appreciate.


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