.net open client from 64-bit error

Posted by johnallengreen on 16-Sep-2009 16:47

We have had .Net Open Clients (proxygen and AppServer) working fine for a while, but now we've got a couple of people with new 64-bit machines who get an error when they try to use the client:

... Error: Could not load file or assembly ... Progress.ssl, Version= ...

This is with .Net 3.5. I think both 64-bit machines are Vista (which wasn't a problem in 32-bit), and we checked that both of those machines have .Net 3.5.

Any suggestions?

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Posted by tcattiga on 18-Sep-2009 11:05

Hi John,

This is a known issue and will be addressed in 10.2B FCS.  Sadly, the fix did not make it into the beta release.


My assumption was that this was based on 10.2B Beta - just to clarify this issue is fixed in the 10.2A02 Service Pack also.  Sorry for the confusion.



Posted by Admin on 18-Sep-2009 13:32

I got around this issue by setting the Build Platform to x86 in the project properties/build tab. That fixed my problem for a .NET 3.5 service that was running on a 64 Bit server. It will cause .NET to operate as a 32-Bit process regardless of the OS being 32-Bit or 64-Bit.

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