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Posted by Admin on 25-Sep-2009 01:14


Can anyone help me with dynamic webspeed configuration. I tried to configure the broker few times for dynamic webspeed but still got error.

Can anyone guide me with the configuration process and running '.w' file created using Smart Data Object using dynamic webspeed....

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Posted by Matt Baker on 25-Sep-2009 07:36

Hi Shane,

What do you mean by "dynamic webspeed"?  Are you referring to writing Webspeed programs and making use of an SDO, or are you trying to use the Progress Dynamics (tm) framework with Webspeed?

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Posted by Admin on 27-Sep-2009 21:40

Hi Methew,

Actually it's like writing program using SDO. I already develope the application in appbuilder using SDO but now I want to run the application as a web based application. But I'm not sure on how to run my application as a web based application. Any idea on developing web based application for application where UI developed in appbuilder using SDO?

Posted by Matt Baker on 28-Sep-2009 07:36

I'm still not clear what you are trying to do.  If you are attempting to run a .w gui window using webspeed, then you won't be able to do that.  ABL code written as a window, and Webspeed code written to generate HTML are very different.

You can certainly use the SDO within a Webpseed application.  There are a couple of templates available from file->new in the appbuilder which can walk you through the steps to do it.  Or you can use the SDO as a standalone object by running it persistently and using the SDO API's to work with it.  There is lots of documentation on ADM2 available in the PSDN community website about how SDOs work and what functionality is available.

Are you new to Webspeed?  Have you gotten a basic Webspeed program running, just a simple hello world program?

Posted by Admin on 28-Sep-2009 07:43

Maybe he is talking about the Dynamics Web UI????

Posted by Admin on 28-Sep-2009 21:03

yes, I  just started using progress and webspeed is something new to me...I can run the hello world but actually I just wanna try to run the UI developed in Appbuilder using the '.r' . I think I'm wrong. Then is't like I must write my own code for the UI (e.g. for browse, tab and so)..   Ok, I think it's better I go through documentation on ADM2 first..

Posted by Matt Baker on 29-Sep-2009 08:03

R-code is just compiled ABL.  Effectively equivalent to .class files compared to .java files if you come from the java world.  You don't have to run with r-code as the AVM will compile stuff on the fly if it needs to.

The new file wizards for web objects from the appbuilder should give you enough to work with SDO's and webspeed.  Make sure that you setup your webspeed broker to specify the database connection required by the program.  The same parameters you used for the appbuilder will work with webspeed as well.

Are you familair with any other web based technology such as php or jsp?  Writing webspeed speedscript is most similar to PHP in that you have to output all the HTML yourself.  There are toolkits and such that are available.  Perhaps anyone else who is reading this could give you a good idea of where to start.

If you haven't already, go through the getting started guide on webspeed in the documentation.

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