Is ROWID in the source-buffer-phrase of a DATA-SOURCE suppor

Posted by rbf on 28-Sep-2009 10:06

The ProDataSet documentation states that ROWID can be used instead of a field list in the source-buffer-phrase of a DATA-SOURCE.

We want to use this, however, a Progress consultant pointed out to us the the ABL Reference entry for DEFINE DATA-SOURCE contains the following warning since OE 10.0:

Note: Using ROWID as the key is not currently supported.

Which documentation is correct? The ProDataSets manual or the ABL Reference?

Has anyone succesfully used ROWID in this situation?

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Posted by Admin on 28-Sep-2009 13:13

Good point!

Posted by rbf on 29-Sep-2009 08:52

Good news!

I decided to log a call with Tech Support as well, and to my surprise this was the reply:

After my research, ROWID in the source-buffer-phrase of a DATA-SOURCE is supported, therefore the ProDataSets documentation is correct. I have logged a documentation bug (OE00191460) so that the note in the ABL Reference manual will be removed.Unless there is something else I can help you with, I will be closing this case.

So we are going to re-architecture our application core around this long-awaited feature now!

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