Workspace won't load

Posted by qcace on 12-Oct-2009 10:34

When trying to run Open Architect, I get the following error:

"Workspace in use or cannot be created, choose a different one."

The only thing I can do is create a new, blank workspace.

The only thing I can think of that I did differently the last time I was in was that I opened a file that was not part of the working sets or database that I was already connected to.  Could this have caused it?

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Posted by Matt Baker on 12-Oct-2009 10:46

Each workspace as a lock file.  If the is present and cannot be removed it is because it is in use by another process.  Make sure you are not still running another copy of eclipse in the same workspace.  If you are not, then look in task manager for a copy of eclipse.exe or javaw.exe and kill it (don't kill the java.exe processes since those are probably adminserver or nameserver).  Windows occasionally loses track of locked files.  If this happens, just reboot the machine and it should fix the problem.

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