Progress openedge 10.2 support UDF ?

Posted by Admin on 23-Oct-2009 15:32

Hi everyone,

I know both Oracle and SQlserver but I am new to progress openedge  database. Does a progress openedge database support user defined function? If yes then could you give a simple example?



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Posted by ChUIMonster on 24-Oct-2009 10:07

You can create user defined functions in the 4GL (ABL):

function f returns integer ( inString as character ).

  return integer( string ).


display f( "123" ).

Posted by Matt Baker on 24-Oct-2009 18:45

Don't confuse the database with the language.  OpenEdge has its own langauge called ABL.  It supports functions, and an alternative called procedures (similar, slightly different usage).  It also supports OO with its own class, methods, properties, and events.

The OpenEdge database supports both stored procedures written in java and triggers written in ABL.

You can find all the docs for both here on the communities site.

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