Using sharepoint webservices, how to authenticate

Posted by cverbiest on 21-Oct-2009 00:40


We are about to (attempt) to interface with sharepoint (wss 3.0 / moss) using openedge 10.2A/10.2B.

I think authentication will be the first problem to tackle.

Are there examples available ?




Thanks for any help



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Posted by cverbiest on 28-Oct-2009 02:58

OpenEdge 10.2A does not support NTLM authentication.

Configure your Sharepoint server to allow Basic Authentication (password sent in clear text)

To enable :
In IIS Manager go to : websites -> the sharepoint site -> properties -> Directory security -> Authentication and Access control -> Edit

According to tech support it is also possible to usean NTML Proxy, such as but I have not tried that yet.

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