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Posted by Admin on 29-Oct-2009 02:29

Hi all,

          I need help to working OpenEdge Architect.

          How could write external procedures and call them into forms.

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Posted by Matt Baker on 29-Oct-2009 14:16

I'll assume you already have a project and have created a form and are able to run.

Create a file named "test.p" and put something in it.  Perhaps something like:


message "hi world" view-as alert-box.

Create your form with a button on it.

Add an event handler for the click event of the button.  Just double-click on the botton in the VD and it will add the event handler.

Add a run statement in the method and run the program.

Something like

run test.p.

Run your form (use the run button on the main toolbar) and press the button.

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