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Posted by simmans on 05-Nov-2009 09:48

Hi everyone, i'm new in Progress graphical programmation... I have a problem with a Static editable Browse where I put data in it with SET-BUFFERS and ADD-LIKE-COLUMN from a TEMP-TABLE.

Using this method, the TEMP-TABLE don't update automatically et due to the fact that every column is editable, I can use them to get the original record to replace. Then, I must empty et refill my TEMP-TABLE.

I'm trying to navigate on every rows of the Browse to get the data, but i found no mean to make scroll the browse to get other datas that I didn't see. (Ex. I have 12 records in a Browse and I display only 10 of them. There is 2 records I can't get...)

There is any solution for this?

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