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Posted by Admin on 23-Nov-2009 19:19

Hi forum

I´m a Beginner with progress. I use SQL statement. I have this error:

**FILL-IN Descr will not fit in FRAME  in PROGRAM E:\nova\novar\. (4028)

What can i do ?

Thanks for your answers !!!

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Posted by kevin_saunders on 24-Nov-2009 03:06

I'm not sure about SQl, but if using the ABL you need the FORMAT option for the field in question to limit the output size.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 24-Nov-2009 11:10

I am assuming that the combination of SQL and the mention of Frame means that you are doing this in the editor or at least running the program from Progress rather than using a SQL connection.  This is not a recommended practice as the SQL which is built in to ABL is SQL-89 and deprecated.  It is fine for little throwaway programs like counting the number of records in a table, but has no place in production code.

Which said, SQL within ABL has all of the same format and frame options that an ABL statement has.  So, you can make the frame wider or the field narrower to make it fit.

But, if you are going to continue with SQL, I would stongly recommend setting up a SQL-92 connection and going with that.  Otherwise, forget the SQL and learn some ABL .. you probably will enjoy it.

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