DataDirect: 'Broker Rejects Connection'

Posted by fixitchris on 24-Oct-2009 23:11

I configured a DSN on the localhost pointing to with a valid db name and user.  I recieve "Broker rejects connection" message.

How can I troubleshoot this?

ps.  I am a .NET developer so Progress dba is new to me.  Thanks.

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Posted by Wouter Dupré on 30-Nov-2009 02:54


There are different possible causes for this. If this is the first time a SQL connection is being tried to an OpenEdge database, then chances are the database needs to be configured to allow for the SQL connections. There are several knowledge base entries that take about this error message and how to configure an OpenEdge database to allow SQL connections. Go to, look for the OpenEdge section and click on the link: Search Solutions.



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