How To Enable Column in FreeForm Query

Posted by Admin on 07-Oct-2009 00:20

want to Enable a column for Updating in freeFormQuery browser(OPENEDGE 10.1c) I tried Using Handles and all by specifying the attribute READ-ONLY but its giving the error that column should be enabled in Define Browse stmt for attribute Read-ONLy.Can anyone know how to make it work, I Have popmenu in a browse with UPDATE option when i press Update then only it should be enabled. I wrote ENABLE in DISPLAY trigger it works but its always ENABLED which i dont want.I tried to use READ-ONLY = false and True in triggers this generates an Run time Error ( ERROR NUmber 4477 and 3131). Is it possible to have column Enable and disabled according to our wish in FreeForm Query.

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Posted by Wouter Dupré on 30-Nov-2009 03:52


You're almost there. Use the ENABLE piece in the DISPLAY trigger to enable the fields necessary. In the main block after the RUN ENABLE_UI. you add the code to disable the field(s) (i.e. set it to READ-ONLY). In the popup menu-item trigger code use the READ-ONLY attribute to enable/disable the field(s) as you wish. I've attached a small example procedure to illustrate this. It was created in 10.2A but should normally work the same in 10.1C.




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