Roundtable migration issue (V9.1C to V10.0A)

Posted by Admin on 02-Dec-2009 07:15

Hi all,

Our aim is to definitely use Roundtable V10.0A.

We are currently migrating our Roundtable repository Database V9.1C to Roundtable V10.0A.

First of all we updated our database V9.1C to V10.XX ... According to the Rountbale update doc, we migrated schema tables from V9.1C to V10.XX. Next we used our Roundtable V10.0A client to achieve that last operation: We used the "_update.w", and as preconized by Roundtable documentaion, we indicated the "#Release=V91C1" parameter when process started. Unfortunately some damned errors occured:


Starting schema update.   Please wait...

Checking database connection parameters...
Connection parameters correct.

Compiling schema update procedures without encryption flag...
Compiling schupd.p...
Compiling schupd2.p...
Compiling schupdp2.p...
Schema update procedures compiled successfully.

Performing pre-schema update processing and schema update...
Updating Schema for rtb.rtb_field...
Bad file name: rtb_Fld-stlen
An error occurred while updating file: rtb.rtb_field

Pre-schema update processing and schema update failed.

Schema update failed as errors occurred during the pre-schema update processing or schema update.

Update failed.  Review log above.  Press OK to continue.


Thanks for any idea.


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