Survey of Progress consultants

Posted by TdeV on 07-Dec-2009 12:25

I am conducting a survey of consultants with a specialization in Progress OpenEdge and other products from PSC.

The goal of the survey is to provide information about the market to Progress consultants. We are interested in your experiences in the current economy, as well as the kind of services you provide to clients, how far you travel to client sites, how and where you get new clients, your experiences with legacy code bases, your participation in PUGs, etc.

A peek at some statistics and current status of the survey are available here: or

This may be the first and only survey of Progress consultants. I hope you will decide to participate. Send me an email off-list.

We are interested in all consultants. More information about the survey and why it’s being conducted is here: or

Thanks in advance for your interest.


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