-ld logical-database parameter is not working

Posted by Admin on 10-Jan-2010 11:13


Progress version: 9.1B

I want to use the logical database parameter (-ld) and see this logical name in tools->database dictionary


my phisical database is: database1

the database dictionary say: mydatabase1

I have a problem with the -ld logical-database parameter in the .pf file

For same reason, the following is not working (.pf file):


-db c:\db\database1

-ld mydatabase1





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Posted by rbf on 10-Jan-2010 11:33

The -ld parameter definitely works in a .pf file.

Check the following:

- Can you prove that you are actually using the .pf file you think you are using?

- Are there any parameters between the -db and the -ld parameter?

- Are there multiple -ld parameters?

Posted by Admin on 10-Jan-2010 14:09

My fault,

This is a mess, I have multiple databases and multiple .pf files.

I was using another .pf file, the -ld parameter works fine.


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