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Posted by jmls on 28-Jan-2010 01:36

Got a comment from someone who looked at our systems recently. Familiar, and needs addressing !

"Our guys love your system with one caveat that it is built in a language which is not ‘common’."

I need some pointers to show how "common" Progress actually is !


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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 28-Jan-2010 12:20

How about 6000000 people using Progress apps.

Make an analogy to buying a computer.   Large numbers of the computers one buys might have Seagate drives in them, but most people will be completely unaware of that because it is infrastructure.  A large number of the people who buy Progress apps are unaware or only vaguely aware what technology has been used to create it ... just like people are unaware of the brand name of the disk inside their PC.

There is also a number, which I don't recall off the top of my head, of the dollar volume of Progress apps sold per year ... multiple billions (1000 millions to those of you on that side of the pond).  Heck, even PSC is a half billion dollar company these days ... that ought to count for something.

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