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Posted by Admin on 05-Jan-2010 13:57

I'm capturing an email address via user input and want to use it as the email address to send an email.  Below is the code I'm using to send the email:

unix uuencode /test/rd/tmp/output.txt results.txt | mail v-email.

When I run this, I get an deliver failed message stating that "v-email" cannot be reached.  How to do I pass the actual value of v-email?


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Posted by Admin on 09-Feb-2010 10:03

I figured out the working code:

unix silent value("uuencode /[filepath] [filename on attachement] | mail" + " " + v-email).

This will take the file from the specified unix directory, provided you have permissions to access the directory and file, and attach it to an email.  You can optionally rename the file if you'd like.

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