10.2A OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET

Posted by saquib on 15-Feb-2010 02:15


Having reviewed the posting from Progress (http://communities.progress.com/pcom/docs/DOC-104054), indicating which Ultra controls are supplied with 10.2A, my analysis (see attached image) indicates that there are quite a number of controls missing from the full set as supplied by Infragistics. The ticks indicate the controls I believe has been mentioned in the aforementioned posting.

Somehow, I was under the impression that the .NET Advantage suite as a whole would be available direct from Progress ?


Progress Infragistics Controls.jpg

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Posted by rbf on 15-Feb-2010 02:35

Hi Saquib,

AFAICS they are all there. Attached are screen shots of the contents of my OpenEdge Ultra Controls.



Posted by saquib on 15-Feb-2010 02:39

Thanks Peter. That gives me more confidence that everything is there (especially things like UltraChart, UltraGrid). Not sure why these items where not mentioned in Kristen's posting ?

Posted by rbf on 15-Feb-2010 02:49

Good question, although the WinGrid is certainly mentioned in the post.

But you are right, to avoid confusion PSC should add that all controls from the suite that are not mentioned are there as well.

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