How to install OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET?

Posted by jujagiri.ushakiran on 15-Feb-2010 11:44


I am new to OpenEdge GUI for .NET. In "Introduction to visual designer" manual, author told to install OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET.

But i am not aware of these.

Can any one help me on this?

Thanks in Advance.


Ushakiran J

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 15-Feb-2010 12:13

Do you have a license for them?  Check green sheet.  They are a separately licensed product and installed with the same process you use to install OEA.

Posted by jujagiri.ushakiran on 16-Feb-2010 07:33


I can see dll's available in %DLC%\bin\infragistics folder. What is the use of these dll's.

Can we use these dll's in OpenEdge Visual Designer?.

If so, please guide me.

Thanks in Advance.


Ushakiran J

Posted by kevin_saunders on 16-Feb-2010 07:47

If the controls are installed, then the OpenEdge Architect toolbox will have an entry for 'OpenEdge Ultra Controls, which will list all the Infragistics controls.

Posted by Matt Baker on 16-Feb-2010 07:51

You won't be able to use those .dll files with any designer.  They do not include the designer classes which are necessary for development.  More importantly you need to have a license to develop using the controls.  Without the right license, the controls themselves won't allow you to use them in development.  If you dont' have a license for them, you can contact your salesrep to get one.  Once you have the install codes, you would use the normal OpenEdge installer with the control codes from the green sheet.

The ones in the 'bin' directory are there for various OpenEdge tools to use. The ones you receive with the control codes are installed into the GAC and include the designer DLL's.

Posted by isoft01 on 19-Feb-2010 11:43

If you don't have the required license you can still use the controls for a limited period. On the OE Architect media is a folder containing the Infragistics setup executable if not installed by default. Once installed you should be able to see Ultra controls in the VD toolbox. If not then you can either add a group or add the controls by right-clicking on your project and selecting OpenEdge, Assemblies. To have unlimited access to the controls as was previously said you need a licence though.

Posted by jujagiri.ushakiran on 21-Feb-2010 08:29

Where can i found the OE Architect media folder?

How many days can i use these limited ultra controls?

Posted by isoft01 on 22-Feb-2010 02:45

On the 10.2A CD media folder: 3PARTY\UICTRLS. It might be a month or so...If I am not mistaken you get a popup of how long you can use it once you try to add a control on a form.

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