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Posted by ThijsSchoemaker on 23-Mar-2010 07:14

In OpenEdge one can configurate project properties like name, temp-directory and so on. I am looking to get those project properties and to use these as a variable in my program. Something that looks like this:


However, I can not find a way to get those project properties, does anyone has an idea?

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Posted by Admin on 23-Mar-2010 07:30

Are you seeking for "project properties" in OpenEdge Architect or runtime configuration properties?

The temp dir can be queried using SESSION:TEMP-DIRECTORY at runtime. Other session config parameters are accessible from the SESSION system handle as well. In OEA the Project properties can be experted to an XML file using the Custom -> Share Settings Dialog.

Posted by Matt Baker on 23-Mar-2010 07:31

There is a document here:

That shows how to listen for certain ABL events that are published by the IDE.  If you are just looking for project name you can get it from the events that are published.

Project properties themselves are not accessible to an ABL application since they would be running in a different AVM session from the project.  If you are using launch configurations, most of the fields in the launch dialog support eclipse style substitution variables that you can insert into the startup parameters to be passed to your program.  The "variables" button is available on several of the fields in the dialog that will show you what is available.

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